Short historical record


The place of TRESPEAUX (or “Les Trois Ponts” – meaning The Three Bridges) has been inhabited since the far remote antiquity, as Roman vestiges testify. Roman writing has been discovered, partly legible on a stone inserted in the wall of the “mas” main yard.

Trespeaux was considered as the “granary” of Mons Viei-Cintat (a Roman place).


In the ancient times, Trespeaux was composed of two metairies (farms), burnt down on April, 17th, 1704 (during the “Camisards War”), forming two structures - an upper and a lower one – with house, yard, gardens and other estate.


The first sale of the domain goes back to 1435, one third of the property (wheat resources) being bequeathed to the “Confrérie des Cuiratiers, Cordonniers et Savetiers d’ALAIS” and the remaining two thirds sold to Sir Jean DEVEZE on March, 20th, 1491.


In 1627, the domain was purchased by Marquis de la CHARCE for an amount of 4,000 francs (currency of that time). King Louis the XIVth entitled him to work the gold, silver, copper, stain and lead mines in the region, as well as to levy the tithes, for a period of ten years, on all the metals extracted from the mines.


On May, 28th, 1784, Sir Jean-Baptiste RECOULY, Lord of Trespeaux, inherited the domain.


Lengthy investigations would be necessary to know the “mas” history before the year 1300. Possibly, it has been a monastery.

Coming back to more recent times, the “mas” was purchased in 1919 by the great-grandparents of the present owners BONNET/VIGNE who have exploited it until 1975.

Adapted activities

Leisure, culture & relaxation in the region


Swimming-pool, quietness and farniente on the spot…

*Siesta at the song of the cicadas

*Apéro/BBQ by the swimming-pool

*Bowling alley (“pétanque”)


Sports activities


*Canoë, Kayak

*Rock climbing, Via Ferrata

*Canyoneering, Speleology

*Mountain bike (rando, raid, orientation)


*Speed and rallye car/motorbike, karting, quad

*Swimming-pool or river adventure

*Bouscarasse Water Park, Thermalism and BodyCar

*Tennis, Riding


Tourism nearly

Visit of the “Pont du Gard” (the Gard Bridge), the “Bambouseraie d’Anduze” (the Anduze Bamboo Plantation), the “Gorges de l’Ardèche” (the Ardèche defiles), the “Grotte de la Cocalière” (the Cocalière Cave), the “Grotte de Trabuc” (the Trabuc Cave)...

Pont du Gard

Bambouseraie Prafrance

Concluses de Lussan

Grotte de la Salamandre

Mine témoin d'Alès

Maison carré

Petit train des Cévennes

Arènes de Nîmes

Château de Portes



Cascade du Sautadet



Pont des Camisards

Grotte de Trabuc

At some distance

Remarkable attractions not so far...


Avignon, Cité des ¨Papes

Cirque de Navacelles

Fontaine du Vaucluse


Les Bories

Les Gorges du Tarn

Les Ocres de Roussillon

L'isle sur la Sorgue

Palais Idéal Facteur Cheval

Partage des eaux

Grottes des Demoiselles

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